Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Old Roomie the Artist

Hey guys. So as you may know from my comments in class, I really don't know much about the art scene around Memphis. I know that occasionally there are exhibits on Broad Street and that there is a Trolley Art Tour on Main. I have no idea when either of these occur because my old link to the art world graduated. I used to live with a girl named Alex Carter. Some of the art majors may know her but for those of you who do not she was an art major and is an amazing artist. My house was once adorned with her wonderful art and made to look like an art gallery. Now it looks like a few college girls who have no idea what to hang on the walls live there. I wanted to share with you all her work. It is very unusual but I really enjoy it and miss seeing it around the house. Unfortunately, as far as I know, her art is no longer around Memphis. She does have a web site though and I encourage you all to look at it. Her art is very interesting and different. Enjoy!


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